Love My Lotto Lottery Syndicates

Lottery Syndicates by LoveMyLotto was the world’s first multi-lottery commercial syndicate system and was founded by John Wiley and Brent Harding in 2009. LoveMyLotto offers players the chance to access multiple lottery and prize draw games which each offer jackpots of £1m or more. Monthly membership plans have been introduced and advanced payment, administrative, and management systems put in place so that LoveMyLotto takes on all of the responsibility involved leaving members to sit back and watch the results roll in.

The Founders

John Wiley, one of the founders of the LoveMyLotto scheme, was previously with Mecca Leisure for 20 years during which time he held the post of Group Operations Director for Business Development. Brent Harding was previously the Managing Director of the UK arm of Japanese trading firm Kuratake. Wiley and Harding have combined their experience in the gaming and business industries to create the Jackpot Store and the LoveMyLotto subsidiary company.

Security And Anonymity

One of the key aspects of the LoveMyLotto system is its security and the anonymity it offers players. The bespoke system not only manages all aspects of each syndicate but automatically checks numbers to identify any syndicates with winning lines. It deals with payments and, like the lotteries themselves, all players are afforded the opportunity to remain anonymous should they pick up any of the major jackpot prizes.

£1m Jackpot Lotteries

The lotteries and prize draws that have been chosen for the LoveMyLotto system have been hand picked because of the size of the jackpot that they offer. The Jackpot Store is so named because all of the lotteries and other prize draw games offer a minimum £1 million as the jackpot prize. Some, like the Euromillions, offer even more than this and each syndicate has access to £100m of jackpot prizes every single month.

The Multi-Lottery Syndicate System

LoveMyLotto is more comprehensive than other lottery syndicate systems because it provides players with access to 6 different lotteries and prize games. Rather than concentrating your efforts on a single lottery with a single jackpot prize, by using the LoveMyLotto system it is possible to increase the number of jackpots you could potentially win while keeping your costs down.

LoveMyLotto Lottery Syndicates

Despite the complexity of the system itself, LoveMyLotto syndicates are a simple way to play the major lotteries. Choose a syndicate, enter your details, and then let the LoveMyLotto system do the rest for you. They will assign your numbers, buy your tickets, check your numbers, and send you your winnings.